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New Territories Added!

Wed 29 May

Late to the party but ready to rock:

Czechia will join the live broadcast on 8 June in Nachod.

Russia, Belarus, Azerbaijan and Georgia will screen the show on 29 June.

Iceland will host a screening in Reykjavik on 4 July.

Another country joins the party

Fri 17 May

Finland will now screen Take That: Greatest Hits Live with a delayed broadcast on 11 June.

Tickets on sale now!

New territories!

Wed 27 March

Poland will now join the live broadcast on 8 June – tickets on sale

Australia & New Zealand will screen at later, recorded dates: 21 and 24
August. Tickets go on sale on 9 April!

More countries added

Fri 22 March

Tickets are now on sale for 8 June in Spain, Portugal, Belgium and Hungary!

UCI Italy will go on sale in the next 2 weeks at the listed locations.

More territories coming up soon!

Cinemas going on sale NOW!

Fri 15 March

And we’re off! Tickets soon to be on sale in the following countries:

For 8 June (LIVE): UK, Ireland, Germany, Netherlands, Denmark, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Serbia, Bosnia, Croatia, Austria, Malta, Norway, Romania, Gibraltar

For 26 June: United Arab Emirates

Locations to be added soon in Spain & Italy!