The Circus is the fifth studio album from the British pop band Take That. The album was released on 1 December 2008. In the United Kingdom, the album was released in direct competition to the new Britney Spears album, also titled Circus, released on the same day. The band’s manager claimed the album’s title choice was a coincidence, and that Take That had worked ‘months in advance’ and would not be changing the title. Take That released their first single from the album, “Greatest Day”, on 24 November 2008, which peaked at number 1 in the UK. The second single “Up All Night” was released on 2 March 2009 and peaked at number 14. The third single “The Garden”, was released in Germany, the Netherlands and Australia on 20 March 2009, though it also peaked at number 97 in the UK on download sales. The video for the song was shot at the Greenwich Maritime Museum, South London. The fourth single to be taken from the album, “Said It All”, was released in June 2009 and peaked at number 9 in the UK. “Hold Up a Light” was the fifth and final single taken from the album, released to promote Take That’s first live album The Greatest Day – Take That Presents: The Circus Live.